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Whoever you pick, must be able to provide all the answers you crave while remaining undetected.

In recruiting a private investigator, there are obviously two things you would mostly value. The first is an investigation that yields results, and the second is your privacy.

And to contract a private investigator in Sacramento or anywhere in the world, you will want to hire one that can deliver both.  Otherwise, the investigation may end up a complete disaster.

What makes Lance Casey the best private investigator in Sacramento and around it’s vicinities?

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With a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and over 10 years experience as a police officer and another 15 years as a private investigator, you get someone who has in-depth understanding of the criminal behavior.

Also my years of public service have ingrained me with a strong sense of duty and the desire to serve. With Lance Casey PI on your job, you get a substantial level of commitment.

It does not matter what sort of investigation you need to have conducted, you won’t find anyone in Sacramento County more qualified to conduct your investigation.

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Sacramento County Civil Division Process Server

We serve 24/7. Hire a Private Eye to be your process server in Sacramento. We serve divorce, restraining orders, custody papers, small claims, subpoenas.

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Judgement Collection Agency

Did you win your lawsuit and need help collecting your judgement? I have the tools and connections to uncover hidden funds and valuables owned by your debtor.

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Sacramento Asset Search & People Search Skip Trace

Need a Asset Search Sacramento? Need to locate someone in Sacramento to serve them legal papers. Hire a Private Eye to skip trace their current address and find their assets.

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Cheating Spouse Investigations Sacramento

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating? I will follow and video your cheating spouse. I will get your answers.

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Child Custody Investigations

Do you have a child custody problem in Sacramento and need a Private Investigator who specializes Child Custody Investigations?

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